Fueling Innovation in the Oil Field

Real-time Operational Data Sites
Atlas SEALs - Highly Trained Driving Team
Patented Automated Fueling System

Atlas Oil acutely understands that time and safety are everything on the oil field.

We utilize value-based technology, our in-depth understanding of the logistical complexities of the oil field, and our unmatched focus on safety to provide the fastest, safest, and most efficient fuel and logistics support services, allowing you to maximize your operations. Atlas has remote offices, assets, and dedicated team members throughout many of the fastest growing U.S. shale plays to be your single source provider for in the field services.

Solutions for the largest Oil and Gas Operators and Completion companies

Frac Site Fueling

Experienced traveling crews, tankwagon trucks, and fuel supply dedicated to your drill site to ensure a flawless extraction operation.

Secure Frac Site Fuel
Crude Hauling

Superior crude oil transportation services for the Exploration and Production industry from the well head to pipeline terminals, refineries, and rail yards.

Crude Hauling Services

Atlas Oil's flexible business model for crude transloading and transportation allows us to go anywhere, servicing any railroad.

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Fuel Automation Station

Atlas Oil is setting the new standard in the energy industry with disruptive technology that is becoming the new standard. Our Fuel Automation Station is all-in-one frac fueling solution that provides enhanced safety and new operational efficiencies in the Oil Field. Our engineering team continues to push the boundaries of innovation as each new unit evolves with advanced capabilities to meet the increasing demands of our customers.
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Complete Control and Visibility of Your Frac Fueling Operations

Unmatched, our Fuel Automation Station comes with a fully integrated, game changing cloud based platform for off-site inventory management, unit tracking, consumption metrics and remote diagnostics.

Our proprietary software uses advanced sensors to collect over 500,000 data points per day providing real-time visibility and surety of fuel supply. Developed on Microsoft’s trusted Azure cloud computing platform, our architecture is open and flexible allowing us to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and dashboards to automate processes, streamline billing functions, and eliminate the need for field level paperwork.

Reclaim Your Oilfield Atlas Offers Safe, 24/7 Operations with Exceptional Back Office, Sales, and On-site Support. Discover Your Innovative Operations Solution Today!