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For information regarding the recent data breach, click here

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Despite our ever-growing service area, Atlas remains committed to designing customer and safety centric fueling solutions—even guaranteeing business continuity for mission critical organizations. As an entrepreneurial company, our team of experienced professionals continues to look for opportunities to leverage technology and build relationships with strategic partners to offer best-in-class service, safe deliveries and innovative differentiators in the market.

Our wholesale, direct fueling and keep fill programs ensure product anytime, anywhere. Based in Houston, Texas, our Supply and Marketing Team sources the best fuel supply deals from thousands of terminals nationwide and provides customized fixed price and contract pricing programs.

Atlas Oilfield Services combines advanced technology with extensive oil field expertise and a strong commitment to safety, delivering rapid, secure, and efficient fuel, lubricant, and logistics support services for optimized operations. With remote offices, assets, and dedicated teams in key U.S. shale regions, we serve as your comprehensive oil field services provider.

By partnering with Atlas for your fuel logistics needs, you can leverage our 24/7 live dispatch and customer support to tackle the complexities of the fuel supply chain. Whether you are a large c-store chain, independent retailer, or a commercial industrial user of full truckloads of fuel, Atlas can create a solution for you to support all types of fuel deliveries to your location and help you maximize your business. Our technology top of the line fleet and keep full programs ensure product anytime, anywhere.

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The “A” Team focuses on delivering the very best, every day. Want to be part of a winning team? We have several driver and office positions available today!



As a leader in the energy industry, we see an opportunity to leverage technology to fundamentally change the way we do business. We bring innovative solutions to the market that provide a better fuel delivery supply & distribution service and value to our customers. These improvements streamline our operations and help our clients make smarter, more cost-effective decisions.

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The Atlas Oil Customer Success Team is dedicated to providing exceptional support to our customers at any time, 24/7/365.

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