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For information regarding the recent data breach, click here
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Passion. Pride and Image. Customer Focus. Solution Driven. Collaborative Innovation. Do the Right Thing. Far from marketing buzzwords, these six Core Values are the tenets on which Atlas has grown throughout our 39-year history. We live our values every day.



Passion drives success, as it not only motivates individuals to work harder and continuously improve but also fosters strong team dynamics and makes a lasting impact on clients and colleagues. Passionate individuals love what they do, and achieve more because of it.


We make a point to maintain a clean, branded, and professional image across all aspects of our operations, as we consider it a commitment to delivering a positive first impression. We ensure that our fleet, equipment, and facilities are always the top of the line.


We couldn’t do what we do without our customers. We strive to give them the utmost respect, and the highest-quality experience possible. We never say, “no,” and are responsive at any hour of the day. We treat our internal Team members as a type of customer and will always help someone out if they need it.


Problems and issues always exist in companies; they don’t always have to be detrimental if handled properly. When members of the A-Team encounter one, they get together in a conference room and work towards a solution. All of our facilities have whiteboards for this reason.


In a fast-paced industry like ours, working together is the best way to get ahead. Our team’s unique methods of problem-solving and innovating come from our desire to leverage the diversity of our team members’ knowledge and experience, enabling us to explore unconventional yet successful solutions.


Honesty, integrity, and always doing the right thing are part of Atlas’ DNA. We aren’t afraid to call something out that doesn’t smell right. We emphasize giving back to those who need it, support causes that do good for others through our charity arm, the Sam and Nada Simon Foundation.