Recorded - August 26, 2020

Research shows that nearly half of mission critical organizations in the U.S. do not have an emergency preparedness plan in place. Last year alone, 65% of these organizations had to rely on generator power for more than 12 hours but still, a third don’t have a guaranteed agreement to ensure the generators at their facility will have critical fuel supply. This webinar illustrates how changing weather patterns coupled with the vulnerabilities of the diesel fuel supply chain are creating unprecedented challenges for uptime. If you are a mission critical organization, this webinar will provide the essential best practices for maintaining fuel supply and fuel integrity for 100% uptime, every time during power outages. Learning Objectives:

  • Illustrate new primary market research and case study findings to discuss why it is crucial for mission critical organizations to have a tested emergency preparedness plan in place.
  • Reveal vulnerabilities within the diesel fuel supply chain and unravel the catastrophic impact it can have on mission critical industries that heavily rely on diesel powered generators.
  • Identify where mission critical facilities are lacking the proper infrastructure for emergency readiness.
  • Provide proactive solutions for implementing fuel quality testing and fuel polishing to ensure that your generator fuel supply is viable when the next power outage strikes.

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