Taylor, Mich. Dec. 6, 2018 — Atlas Oil Company was named a “Technology Guru” at the 2018 Best of MichBusiness Awards and Gala on Thursday, November 29, 2018, in recognition of the company’s technological advances driving innovation in the energy sector, especially its Fuel Automation Station Cloud Billing Solution.

“Becoming a leading company in the energy sector begins with our people,” said Atlas Founder and Chairman Sam Simon. “Our team identifies opportunities to advance the industry and works collaboratively to build efficient and innovative solutions.”

The Fuel Automation Station Cloud Billing Solution revolutionizes billing in the oil field. Currently, frac site billing processes are extremely manual. Atlas’ solution eliminates the need for paper delivery tickets and offers the most accurate consumption rates, unit statuses and unit efficiency metrics of any billing process in market.

Introduced as a standard feature come 2019, the cloud-based solution adds a new level of sophistication to the patented Fuel Automation Station. FAS units reduce the number of onsite personnel, drastically improve the safety of job sites by eliminating hot fueling and eliminate downtime, as equipment no longer has to be shut down to fuel.

In July of 2017, Atlas launched a Fueling Innovation campaign designed to promote the technology, services, and partnerships at Atlas revolutionizing the fuel supply chain. The campaign focuses heavily on listening to the needs of customers and offering solutions before the need arises.

The Technology Guru Award from MichBusiness cements Atlas’ place as an industry leader and highlights the company’s dedication to creating innovative technology and making the fueling industry safer and more efficient for workers and business owners.