Did you miss the Business Continuity: Preparing Your Business for When Disaster Strikes webinar?

Check out the webinar recording.  Have questions on how to best prepare your business for when disaster strikes? Contact  Jayme Oyen to learn how to create an emergency preparedness plan that fits your business' needs.

Meeting Description:

From record-breaking windstorms to devastating hurricanes to raging forest fires, 2017 has seen plenty of disasters take their toll on American businesses. Each disaster a business faces brings a unique set of challenges that threaten your bottom line—or worse, the very livelihood of your clients. With over 30 years of experience in the fueling industry, Atlas Oil recognized that businesses, especially mission critical organizations, need more than just fuel supply to keep their generators running when the power goes out. 

In this first webinar of the Fueling Innovation Series, you’ll learn how fuel quality, fuel supply, and generator maintenance all play crucial roles in your business continuity plan. Hear from industry leaders and learn how to avoid the high, and in some cases deadly, costs of downtime.