Taylor, Mich. March 7, 2018 —Atlas Oil Company launched their Chemical Transportation Division in Houston, Texas, last week with plans to create additional terminals in Louisiana, North and South Carolina in April and May of 2018.

“With our dedication to safety and providing best-in-class service for our customers, Atlas is proud to announce this service expansion to position Atlas as a premier bulk transport and logistics services provider,” said Atlas President Robert Kenyon.

Atlas’ Chemical Transportation Division offers local, regional, and over-the-road routes for safe delivery of chemical and petrochemical liquids throughout the US and Canada. The company’s collaborative approach to launching this division from its conception less than two months ago shows the dedication and innovative thinking Atlas brings to market. Atlas has extensive experience providing bulk logistics solutions over its more than 30-year history. Continually investing in its fleet, technology, and people to ensure reliable freight services for its customers, Atlas chemical hauling capabilities focus on providing a service that replicates a private fleet with the flexibility of a for-hire carrier.

“Our drivers have undergone extensive training on the safe transportation of bulk liquids—whether this is petroleum-based or chemical liquids—and have proven to be industry leaders in safety, efficiency, and customer service,” said Atlas Vice President of Transportation Tom Jones. “We are excited to begin our journey in the center of the petrochemical industry while developing long-term strategic partnerships with customers.”