Houston, TX. June 1, 2018 —Atlas’ Emergency Fueling Team is preparing for what is predicted to be a highly active 2018 Atlantic hurricane season, which begins June 1. Coming off its largest deployment in company history, Atlas has invested in new talent, training and technology that enhance and extend capabilities to provide fuel supplies and logistics vitally needed to sustain mission-critical businesses and organizations in hurricane zones.

“Atlas’ emergency fueling division concluded our 2017 hurricane season relief in April 2018 and used that extended deployment to prepare for this upcoming season,” said Director of Emergency Services Jayme Oyen. “From hiring a well-respected emergency fueling expert to developing new technology, we are confident that our team is ready for whatever the 2018 hurricane season throws our way.”

Atlas recently hired Paul Barnard, a US Air Force veteran and former civilian fuel supply contractor in Iraq who managed the fuel supply for 12 military bases, even while under enemy fire. As Atlas’ Emergency Operations Manager, Barnard is primarily responsible for managing the logistics of emergency fuel deployments and recently represented Atlas in FEMA’s 2018 National Level Exercise, designed to prepare for and respond to major threats caused by natural disasters by simulating the landfall of a major hurricane in a multiday exercise involving hundreds of public and private-sector participants nationwide.

“Atlas’ track record of 100% uptime for contracted customers, level of preparation and experienced team make us the emergency fuel provider of choice for mission-critical organizations,” said Barnard. “While we hope that this season does not have the same impact as the 2017 season, we have prepared for every possible contingency and our drivers are already volunteering for potential deployments.”

Atlas’ emergency fueling team is also developing new technology to enhance its emergency response efforts. These technological developments include new trucks tailored for the rugged landscapes and tight quarters often created during natural disasters and a mobile app, available later this summer, that will allow customers to create and track their emergency fuel orders, view invoices and receive communication alerts.

During the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, Atlas proved how scalable its emergency fueling fleet is as 80 assets were simultaneously called into action to respond to Hurricane Harvey. Atlas provided emergency fuel on four consecutive emergency deployments following Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria and Nate resulting in a seven-month deployment that concluded when our drivers returned from Puerto Rico in April 2018.

“This level of coordination and rapid response was only possible through our team,” said Oyen. “We have the best drivers in the business and our back office and dispatch teams are uniquely qualified to overcome the obstacles and challenges that arise in emergency situations.”