TAYLOR, Mich. Dec. 15, 2016 - This month, Atlas Oil Company delivered its third Fuel Automation Station to Halliburton for its Colorado operations. The unit provides consistent high quality fuel supply while protecting workers and eliminating downtime on the oil field during hot fueling.

A continuous supply of onsite fuel is essential to hydraulic fracturing operations. Currently, workers must enter a well-pad, in proximity to high pressure pumping equipment, called the hot zone, in order to manually fuel equipment. Fracturing operations are often slowed or halted when workers enter the fueling zone, which causes delays and downtime. These zones can be hazardous. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 142 gas and oil workers died in 2014, up from 112 fatalities in 2013.

"Minimizing risk and optimizing operations at a drilling site are critical in this low cost operating environment," according to Atlas President and COO Robert Kenyon. "Atlas engineers developed this innovative technology solution to transform extraction operations by helping to keep workers safe, eliminating operational downtime and increasing efficiency."

Mobile Fuel Automation Stations are easily moved into remote sites with minimal setup. Each unit has 20 hoses for simultaneous fueling, even during pumping operations. Stations have an integrated fuel filtration system; overflow protection; diesel exhaust fluid enhancements that remove harmful NOx pollutants; as well as duel fueling capability for clear and dyed diesel.

Inside the remote command center, one technician controls the unit, which is equipped with guided wave radar technology for real-time tank monitoring and fuel use measurement as well as diagnostic systems to identify equipment engine problems.

"We've come to trust Atlas Oil and the fueling solutions they provide to us in the basin. Multiple locations will be fueled by their FAS units and will limit employee exposure to the red zone and allow us to focus on other areas of the pad. They provide real solutions in fuel and DEF (diesel exhaust fluid)," said Halliburton Service Leader Alex Mayhew. "Atlas has a history of technology innovation. By studying the industry and identifying operational inefficiencies and safety issues, we're able to develop technology solutions for our customers. We're pleased we've safely delivered our first 1 million gallons of diesel fuel through our Fuel Automation Stations since our launch early this year," Kenyon added.

Noble Energy began using the inaugural Atlas mobile unit in Feb. 2016, at its fracturing sites in Weld County, Colo., adding a second unit, in July. Units are manufactured in Victoria, Texas, and take approximately 12 weeks to build.