TAYLOR, Mich. April 27, 2016 - Atlas Oil Company is excited to announce its newest investment in the FuelNOW Network (FNN), a cloud-based platform that automates the supply chain and streamlines the fuel delivery process. Utilizing FNN, Atlas has complete visibility into key delivery metrics and accurate business insights that can be accessed from any device, at any time day or night.

The petroleum industry is often categorized as mature, with many manual processes and disparate systems to manage the fuel distribution process. Carriers across the country trust FNN, developed by Vixta Solutions, LLC to proactively manage their bottom line. As a fully integrated solution, FNN provides Atlas real-time delivery monitoring and automated reconciliation and customer invoicing. It is also a single source platform for Atlas to manage all of their fuel deliveries including those that are fulfilled through their comprehensive network of third party carriers. "The ability to manage our carrier network efficiently under one platform is revolutionary, creating major efficiencies in freight validation and customer satisfaction," said Bob Kenyon, EVP and Chief Operating Officer at Atlas Oil.

"We’ve been able to speed up our order-to-cash cycle and eliminated many manual processes by digitally capturing our delivery documents," Kenyon added. "Our team fulfills thousands of deliveries per month and we're significantly more accurate in our billing and inventory management under the FNN platform." As an innovative national fuel supplier, Atlas Oil is committed to investing in zero customer sacrifice technology enhancements.

About Atlas Oil Company
Headquartered in Taylor, Mich., Atlas Oil is a premier national fuel supply, logistics and services company delivering comprehensive solutions to customers throughout the distribution lifecycle, from crude oil E & P companies to refineries to commercial end users nationwide, 24/7/365. With operational excellence and industry leading safety standards, Atlas is engaged in all areas of transportation, logistics and fueling, including bulk, fleet, event, onsite, emergency services and transloading. The company is highly active in real estate, including the purchase and sale of locations.

The company leverages a team of nearly 500 professionals, a fleet of state-of-the-industry equipment and a national network of premium third-party relationships, guaranteeing a seamless, consistent and industry-leading experience at every touch point.

About Vixta Solutions, LLC
Vixta Solutions (www.vixtasolutions.com) is a fast growing startup focused on "Digital Innovation" for the mid-market and legacy industries. Vixta is delivering "game changer" platforms in multiple industries including fuel distribution, political campaigns, modular construction, automotive, and family office investments. Vixta delivers innovation through a combination of digital platforms, smart enterprise solutions and management consulting practices.

The Digital Solutions practice helps create the next digital enterprise with our ground breaking ideas for building platforms and networks. Our Smart Enterprise practice helps clients deliver smart offerings for their customers by converting data into competitive value and manage ecosystems for the digital world. Our management consulting practice helps clients profit from market disruption, creating and executing a "break-through" approach to strategy.