TAYLOR, Mich. April 6, 2016 - Atlas Oil has formed an exclusive nationwide fuel quality control partnership with Diesel Fuel Doctor, the market leader in fuel maintenance services including fuel testing, polishing (i.e. removal of contaminants), and tank cleaning. Torre Miller, owner of Diesel Fuel Doctor, started the business in 2006 and has quickly established his network throughout the U.S. delivering consistent, cost-effective fuel maintenance solutions.

"Leveraging the services of Diesel Fuel Doctor and Atlas Oil makes sense for our customer base because everyone has a vested interest in maintaining fuel quality," said Jeremy Whiddon, National Director of Specialty Products at Atlas Oil. "We are now a one-stop provider for fuel delivery and fuel maintenance programs nationwide."

Atlas Oil provides fuel assurance programs to mission critical industries that can't afford downtime. Our customers rely on diesel deliveries, construction, and even backup power during blackouts or outages. It’s critically important that a fuel provider can deliver quality fuel when it's needed most. Equally important, annual fuel sampling can determine if your tank has become compromised with any water or micro bacterial contamination. When contaminants are present in a fuel sample, Diesel Fuel Doctor can suggest treatments including fuel additives, biocide treatment and fuel polishing to help prevent operational failure. "90 - 95% of engine failures start in the fuel tank," Miller adds. "This is a proactive partnership designed to provide our customers top quality fueling, tank cleaning, and fuel maintenance services. If we can eliminate problems before they get to an engine, we can increase reliability and decrease the overall operating costs."

About Atlas Oil Company
Headquartered in Taylor, Mich., Atlas Oil is a premier national fuel supply, logistics and services company delivering comprehensive solutions to customers throughout the distribution lifecycle, from crude oil E & P companies to refineries to commercial end users nationwide, 24/7/365. With operational excellence and industry leading safety standards, Atlas is engaged in all areas of transportation, logistics and fueling, including bulk, fleet, event, onsite, emergency services and transloading. The company is highly active in real estate, including the purchase and sale of locations. The company leverages a team of nearly 500 professionals, a fleet of state-of-the-industry equipment and a national network of premium third-party relationships, guaranteeing a seamless, consistent and industry-leading experience at every touch point.

About Diesel Fuel Doctor
Diesel Fuel Doctor provides innovative products and services to both consumers of diesel fuel and storage facilities. Active in the emergency power, over the road, rail, mining, maritime, marine, agriculture, construction, and recreational vehicle industries, Diesel Fuel Doctor provides fuel maintenance solutions for large and small tanks, stationary or mobile. With design and manufacturing capability, a national distribution network, and services centers throughout the continental US, Diesel Fuel Doctor is vertically integrated and positioned to meet any fuel maintenance requirements. Based in Grand Ledge, Michigan, DFD can meet any sampling, reporting, (independent) lab testing, and fuel maintenance needs. Personnel are also certified commissioning agents for many of the fuel maintenance (or "polisher") equipment manufacturers in the US. For more information, please visit www.dieselfueldoctor.com.