Fueling Innovation for Mission Critical Industries

Over 35 years of On-site Fueling Experience
50 States Served
Over 3500+ Major Power Outages Annually in the U.S.

Keep your business up and running when a power outage, fuel disruption, or other crises hits.

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100% Uptime

  • Emergency fuel delivery through generator assistance, fleet assurance, and emergency response.
  • Specifically designed to overcome the challenges of a natural disaster, power outage, fuel disruption, or other crises.
  • Powered by a dedicated fleet of company owned trucks and vetted national carrier partners.
  • Backed by Atlas Fuel Services’ extensive and diversified supply portfolio to quickly respond nationwide.



Previously aired on June 16th, 2021 - Special Guests & Keynote with Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel.

During this webinar, we will provide details on this season’s hurricane forecast. In addition, we will have storm preparedness experts in property insurance, emergency fueling, and property roofing and restoration.

Event Hosted by BlueTeam. Learn More & Listen In Today!

Are you prepared for the unexpected?

Generator Fueling

On-site fuel delivery for stationary or portable commercial generators.

Generator Fueling Services
Fuel Assurance Plan

Guaranteed fuel and priority delivery when you need it most!

Get the assurance you need
Disaster Deployment

Immediate deployment of dedicated trucks and fuel supply to disaster areas

Learn more about deployments

Tank Maintenance Services that ensure Generator Reliability

Water and other harmful contaminants can lead to engine malfunctions and costly repairs. Learn how to identify and correct the hidden problems inside your fuel tank. Learn More

Atlas Fuel Services Provides Emergency Fuel Delivery Services for Mission Critical Industries

We understand your specific needs when it comes to business continuity and reliable fuel supply. Mission critical companies across a wide range of industries rely on Atlas Fuel Services for generator top-offs, fuel quality services, emergency preparedness, and business continuity planning.


Emergency Fuel Solutions for Mission Critical Sites

You never know when disaster is going to strike! Your business needs an Emergency Preparedness Plan. Learn how Atlas Fuel Services can StormProof™ your business in this video as featured on Fox Business Network.

Jayme Oyen VP of Business Development, Atlas Fuel Services
Create your business continuity plan Be prepared when disaster strikes. Create your assurance plan with Atlas Fuel Services today and have 100% guaranteed uptime.