The story of Atlas Oil is the story of being solution driven. When our founder, Sam Simon, recognized that Detroit-area businesses were challenged with an unfulfilled need for fuel during the 1980's, he quickly devised a solution, buying a tanker truck and delivering the fuel himself. This mentality has stayed with the company ever since, becoming ingrained as a core value. We never respond to a question with, “I don’t know.” Instead, we say, “I’ll find a way.” We never turn down an opportunity to create an innovative solution for our customers.

Atlas Oil's first truck.

Our journey into the oilfield started several years ago when one of our team members identified an opportunity in fracking industry. It all started with a vision to create a specialized automated fueling station with 28 hoses capable of simultaneous fueling on the frac site. This innovation greatly improved safety by removing personnel from the hot zone and eliminated non-productive time during the fueling process. Today, we have Fluid Automation Station units across the U.S., Canada, Argentina and the Middle East. Being solution driven means continuously improving and innovating your end result to further solve problems. Through SCADA technology, our command center in Houston, TX can monitor and control every deployed FAS unit in real-time, adding additional safety and cost savings for our customers.

The current iteration of a FAS Unit, a precise feat of design and engineering.

Another instance of business model innovation was in the mission-critical space. Think about the types of businesses that can't afford even a single second of downtime, like healthcare facilities with patients on life-support or data centers with server banks that power the web. These companies all have backup generators that are critical to maintaining operations when unexpected outages occur. Atlas formed our Generator Assurance Program over ten years ago, that guarantees fuel when you need it most. When faced with an emergency or natural disaster, program enrollees receive priority access to fuel. To this day, we have never run a contracted generator assurance customer out of fuel.

There are many moving parts in a disaster deployment, and time is the enemy. To help us manage these complex deployments, we created the StormProof App. From deploying trucks pre-storm to safe locations and responding to customers needs post storm and tracking fuel delivery data, Atlas is capable of orchestrating complex deployments in the blink of an eye.

The StormProof App makes it possible for our team to deploy trucks and drivers at a moment’s notice and manage deployments from the cloud.