Have you ever gotten to work and not remembered the drive in? As humans we tend to get into a pattern and go into “auto pilot” while we are behind the wheel. This is dangerous because you are not the only person on the road. Atlas Oil Company has over two hundred trucks on the road every day and according the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in the USA there are around 11,000,000 trucks total on the road on any given day. Truckinfo.net says,

“More than 75% of truck driving accidents are due to the driver of the passenger vehicle.”

We promote a safety culture at Atlas. Our drivers are trained and certified in the safety regulations that the Department of Transportation requires of each of our big rig drivers behind the wheel. Our team is required to maintain those certifications. It is important for the drivers of passenger vehicles to understand that their actions on the road affect our team and all big rig driving teams as well as other drivers sharing the road.

Let’s start a conversation about safely driving alongside big rigs. We want to let the public know there are things they do while driving that cause safety concerns for our driving team. Just by taking a few extra seconds to hear about these concerns, we can bring awareness and maybe prevent accidents. We will be posting videos of our Atlas drivers talking to the public about these hazards. All posts for this conversation from Atlas will include the hashtag “#Respecttherig”.

We invite other trucking teams to get involved in this discussion as well. Help us get the word out to all vehicle drivers by joining our conversation and help us keep our roads safe.