Diesel Fuel Doctor was formed in 2006 by Torre Miller to provide innovative products and services to large and small end users of diesel fuel.  Miller saw a service need unknown to most, that the need for that service was great, and there were very few – and in many areas, no - companies fulfilling that need.  Being from a small business family, Miller decided to quit his career as a large loss insurance adjustor and began providing solutions to the growing fuel maintenance problem.

“We’ve reached a tipping point where fuel technology can no longer keep up with engine quality and technology—meaning fuel maintenance becomes vastly more important,” explains Diesel Fuel Doctor founder Torre Miller as he collects a fuel sample from the bottom of a generator.

Atlas Oil Company and Diesel Fuel Doctor formed a partnership after realizing that simply providing quality fuel does not keep generators running for mission critical organizations.  There are a myriad of microbes and contaminants that eat away at fuel’s quality as it sits in a tank.  These can cause catastrophic generator failures at crucial times, leaving mission critical organizations without power—despite having a full tank of fuel.  For fleets, engine failure can become an expensive and regular occurrence if fuel is left to sit in tanks with no regular maintenance.  Engine failures are far from the only risk that poor quality fuel can pose to fleets. Clogged filters, injector failure and low gas mileage can quickly eat away at your bottom line.

“Fuel tanks are a low-tech commodity,” explains the Diesel Fuel Doctor equipment guru, Warren van Dongen.  “They’re fairly open to the elements, meaning it is extremely easy for contaminants, especially water, to get into the tank.  I’ve seen everything from hundreds of gallons of sludge to birds in the bottom of tanks. Why wonder what’s in your tank when you can know?” 

According to Miller, the cost to replace a failed underground storage tank can be anywhere from $150,000 to $200,000.  Add in the environmental clean-up costs that can run up to $1,000,000, and the danger that unmaintained tanks can pose becomes an even bigger risk for businesses.

“The Diesel Fuel Doctor and Atlas partnership was created to make sure you don’t fail,” says Miller.  “Fuel quality and delivery should never be a source of worry for you.  We’ve got your back.”

The nationwide Atlas and Diesel Fuel Doctor partnership provides several benefits for clients. A company founded on the premise of investing in people, Atlas recognizes the value of forming long relationships with clients.  The Diesel Fuel Doctor partnership allows Atlas to inform customers through proactive fuel sampling and analysis when there is a problem in their tank, whether it be water, sediment contamination, or other problems.  The partnership also allows Atlas to provide solutions to each client’s unique fueling needs including additive packages, biocide treatments, or fuel polishing treatments that return fuel to ASTM standards.  By maintaining relationships with industry leaders like Diesel Fuel Doctor, Atlas is truly a single source for fueling needs.

“The Atlas team prides itself on the ability to guarantee business continuity for our customers,” said Atlas Director of Emergency Fuel Services Jayme Oyen. “The Diesel Fuel Doctor partnership is just one of many ways that we continue to fuel innovation in the petroleum industry and guarantee 100% uptime for our customers.”