On Armed Forces Day, Atlas would like to take the opportunity to thank and honor our active military personnel and veterans for their service. Our team proudly supports all branches of the military, and is dedicated to recruiting, hiring and promoting those who have served this great nation.

In honor of this special day, we spoke with several team members throughout the organization to learn more about why they decided to join, what they learned through their experiences, and why they chose Atlas. Thank you, Chad, Brian, Fred, Michael, James, Joe, and all U.S. military veterans for your service. We appreciate you today and every day!

Chad Krzyminski, Senior Finance & Operations Analyst; Taylor, MI
Served in the Air National Guard for 7 years

Why I Joined: I have a long family history of military veterans and my hometown has a strong military culture, so it was something I’ve always wanted to do.

Best Advice I’ve Ever Received: He who dares wins. If a door opens to you, sometimes you need take risks and forego the safer route to get where you’re meant to be.

What My Experience Taught Me: In the military, you’re constantly interacting with people from all walks of life, so it gave me exposure to working with others of different cultures, personalities and characteristics. It’s also taught me a lot about overcoming adversity. You’re thrown into a lot of tough situations that require mental fortitude and a “one team, one fight” type of mindset.

Why Atlas: In my experience, companies like to throw the “culture” buzzword around a lot but at Atlas, it’s genuine. From the leadership on down, everyone really cares about its team members’ growth and development.

Brian Siefken, Transport Driver; Evans, CO
Served in the U.S. Air Force for 8.5 years

Why I Joined: After graduating high school, I applied to three colleges and got accepted but joined the Air Force instead because I wanted to serve our country.

What Inspires Me: Positive people. I believe that it’s important to have a positive attitude and have a glass half-full mindset. You never know what’s going on in others’ lives. By being kind to others and genuinely asking how they’re doing, you can really make a huge impact on someone’s life.

What My Experience Taught Me: Being in the Air Force taught me to show up every day and do your very best. Every single day is a new adventure and an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.

Why Atlas: I’m driving locally so I’m home every night with my loved ones and get a chance to experience new things all the time.

Fred Faircloth, Transport Driver; Longview, TX
Served in the U.S. Army for 14 years

Why I Joined: I joined the army straight out of high school for new opportunities. I loved the brotherhood and comradery aspect of it all.

What Inspires Me: My faith gives me strength and inspires me in everything that I do.

What My Experience Taught Me: The military teaches you how to be a self-starter. It’s important to hold yourself accountable and stay focused on getting the job done right.

Why Atlas: Three buddies of mine work at Atlas and recommended that I apply. Just like the military, everyone at Atlas is always working together as a team to pull for one goal. It’s also very nice knowing that the place that I work goes above and beyond to help those in the military.

Michael Hunter, Transport Driver; Taylor, MI
Served in the U.S. Army for 21 years

Why I Joined: I’ve wanted to be a truck driver since I was seven and knew that there were great opportunities to haul jet fuel while in the Army.

What Inspires Me: My family and grandson are my greatest inspiration.

What My Experience Taught Me: Being in the Army taught me self-discipline and to get the job done the right way. I also loved training others and watching people transform from civilian to soldier. It’s carried over into my position at Atlas where I’m able to mentor new drivers through our SEAL program.

Why Atlas: Our equipment is well-maintained, and I feel genuinely cared in my role. At Atlas, you’re not just another number but are really valued as a member of the team.

James Walker, Chemical Driver; Pasadena, TX
Served in the U.S. Navy for 11 years

Why I Joined: My grandad served so it ran in the family and I knew that it would help me build a better life for myself. I also had an uncle that was a Chemist and taught me a lot about the chemical-side of things. I was an Operations Specialist and had to evaluate everything that came into the facility, so it was great to have that knowledge going in.

Best Advice I’ve Received: If you’re going to do something–no matter what that is–do it to the best of your ability. I learned this from my grandad and passed this advice down onto my six kids.

What My Experience Taught Me: The military taught me how to be a team-player and pay attention to detail, which is incredibly important while handling chemicals.

Why Atlas: I love the comradery; it’s a very positive atmosphere. Leadership really believes in you and wants you to grow.

Joe Fell, General Manager of Commercial Sales & Operations; Taylor, MI
Served in the U.S. Air Force for 7 years

Why I Joined: I was recruited out of high school to play hockey for the U.S Air Force Academy and my father really encouraged it. He was a veteran himself and served in Korea. Military was always a big family thing; my uncles served as well.

Best Advice I’ve Received: Work hard and set a good example for the people around you. You’ll always be successful if you’re willing to put in the work. I want to be a good role model for my team and be someone that people can count on and trust.

What My Experience Taught Me: Being in the academy taught me time management. When you’re in college, playing a division one sport and in the military, that really builds your work ethic. There aren’t any excuses because it’s “we” not “I.” You’re all working towards one goal.

Why Atlas: I really love the fast-paced environment and challenge of it all. My family and I uprooted from Chicago for this position and I’m so glad that we did. From Sam and Nada on down, the people are incredible and have made us feel so welcome.

If you are a veteran or active military member in search of your next career opportunity, we would love to hear from you! Please visit our careers page or call 844-426-5627 to speak directly with a member of our recruiting team.