Every industry has its own unique fuel needs. For some, that need may be as simple as a generator and fuel program that keeps the lights and electronics powered up. For others, having on-site fleet fueling options keeps trucks moving and equipment running. Businesses in the food industry often need both. Companies that serve products with expiration dates are especially reliant on fuel due to the constant need to keep food fresh before, during and after transit. A power outage can be catastrophic for food-centered businesses needing the perfect level of warmth or chill for their products.

Many large food producers and suppliers rely on refrigerated trucks. These temperature-controlled trucks are the descendants of refrigerator train cars that first started popping up in the mid-1800s. Since then, technology has made refrigerator trucks a state-of-the-art way to ensure food quality and effective product delivery. Imagine if these trucks had to use ice to keep their contents frozen! Today, these modern refrigeration trucks rely on generators to protect their perishable products and prevent spoilage. In fact, during the holiday seasons, Atlas Oil keeps hundreds of these trucks humming for major retailers so that we can all enjoy our holiday favorites.

The fuel needs of grocery stores and other supermarkets are quite clear: without a properly running freezer and dairy cooler, a lot of inventory will go to waste. Just as a spare tire represents a contingency plan for a flat-tire, so too does a generator and fuel supply represent backup power when a crisis emerges. An effective Generator Assurance Plan can help keep generators up and running through regular maintenance and fueling on a priority basis.

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