When you first meet Tankwagon Driver, Larry Taylor, you’re immediately drawn to his positive attitude. Rain or shine, Larry wears a warm smile, and is always willing to go the extra mile to help his team members and the customers that he services.

“Atlas is very close-knit and family-oriented,” Larry said. “When you’re immersed in that kind of environment, it makes you want to work harder and support the people around you.”

Larry’s Atlas journey began over seven years ago in 2011. After spending more than 20 years working in the automotive industry, he wanted to take on a new challenge and get his CDL. Larry spent a year driving over the road before he transitioned to Atlas, taking on a local route, which has allowed him to be home every night with his loved ones.

“I knew that I had wanted to get into the Oil and Gas industry and heard great things about Atlas,” he said. I was looking for a position that paid well and allowed me to spend more time with my family– Atlas checked all those boxes, Larry explained.

When he’s not working, Larry enjoys hunting, fishing and making wine with his fiancé. Larry has also co-owned a mixed martial arts gym for the past 13 years where he’s mentored dozens of individuals in all walks of life. “I’ve always loved learning new skills and passing along my knowledge to others,” he said.

Atlas recognized these leadership qualities and promoted Larry into the Atlas SEAL Program, which is comprised of Atlas’ most highly-skilled drivers. SEALs are committed to mentoring new drivers and spend time in training and refresher courses to ensure that they’re equipped with best practices to utilize on the road.

“I enjoy training new drivers because I really want to know that people are being safe and doing things right out there,” Larry said. “I also love meeting new people throughout the company and this gives me that opportunity.”

All Atlas drivers are given ample opportunities to elevate their skillset through monthly safety trainings and are immersed in Atlas’ unique workplace culture from the day they step foot through the door.

Drivers are also eligible for Atlas’ Share POWER Program, with quarterly dividend payouts, and are enrolled in our Driver Rewards Program, earning them points that are redeemable for name-brand items. Other Atlas perks include easy-to-navigate in truck technology, reliable vehicles, and a variety of local, regional and OTR routes designed to meet every lifestyle.

For more information on Atlas’ dedicated frontline or to find out how you can drive with the best, visit www.atlasoil.com/careers.