Down a long hallway lies the central hub of Atlas' Home Office: the bullpen. This area embodies Collaborative Innovation, one of our six core values. At any hour of the day, the bullpen buzzes with energy, as team members chat together to overcome their day-to-day tasks. Making a name for yourself in the Oil and Gas Industry requires both collaboration and innovation. Our industry changes quickly, and if you don’t have a team to lean on, you’ll be quickly left in the dust. Lucky for us, our team can be leaned on.

The bullpen is a hub of Team Member collaboration.

The reason our team can collaborate and innovate to solve problems so efficiently stems from the diversity in our backgrounds and experiences. The deep reservoir of skills and ideas we can pull from allows us to consider solutions that may not initially present themselves as winners, but are just that. Take Mike Hunter, for example. Mike served in the armed forces. He is now one of our top drivers. He uses the time management and organization skills he learned while serving to maximize the efficiency of his daily routes. In 2019, he was named as one of National Tank Truck Carrier’s Top Drivers.

Mike Hunter is an example of the unique backgrounds and experiences our team is made up of.

If you look at our history, each milestone we’ve achieved was done so by collaborating as a single, cohesive unit. During our early years, Sam and Nada Simon were the only two team members of Atlas, they leaned on each other and worked together. They brought more talent onboard, and were able to expand, first statewide, and then nationally. The addition of multiple business units and creation of innovative fueling technology was, you guessed it, only possible by the team incorporating our collective backgrounds and walks of life. Whether it’s whiteboarding potential solutions to an issue or employing skills learned in the past, we make a point to always utilize the knowledge and skill at our disposal.

The only way we get ahead is together.