After a winter we would all like to forget, it is finally spring and that means that construction season is about to begin! McGraw Hill Construction released its 2014 Dodge Construction Outlook, a mainstay in construction industry forecasting and business planning. This report predicts that total U.S. construction starts for 2014 will rise 9 percent to $555.3 billion, higher than the 5 percent increase to $508 billion estimated for 2013.

Based on research of specific construction market sectors, the report details the forecast as follows:

  • Single family housing will grow 26 percent in dollars, corresponding to a 24 percent increase in units to 785,000 (McGraw Hill Construction basis). The positives for single family housing are numerous – the pace of foreclosures has eased, home prices are rising and mortgage rates remain near recent lows. However, the demand for housing will continue to be restrained by careful bank lending practices towards issuing mortgages.
  • Multifamily housing will rise 11 percent in dollars and 9 percent in units. While growth continues, the percentage gains will be smaller than the previous four years, reflecting a maturing multifamily market. This structure type is still a favored investment target by the real estate finance community, which in the near term should lead to more high-rise residential buildings in major cities.
  • Commercial building will increase 17 percent, a slightly faster pace than the 15 percent gain estimated for 2013. Both warehouses and hotels will continue to lead the way, while stores and office buildings pick up the pace. The positives for commercial building are improving market fundamentals and more bank lending for commercial development. Next year’s activity in dollar terms will still be 28 percent below the 2007 peak

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