The Atlas Oil Emergency Fueling Team has been in Puerto Rico delivering life-saving fuel for one month now, building connections with local communities, befriending the Puerto Rican law enforcement officers guiding them through the washed out and unmarked roads, and living with limited to no power, poor telecommunications, and limited resources.  They have left their families behind to serve the people of Puerto Rico and try to restore order to the lives of those struggling to get by after Hurricane Maria. 

Atlas Oil Company Founder and Chairman Sam Simon and President Robert Kenyon flew to Puerto Rico last Thursday and Friday to check in our team members and see firsthand the impact Hurricane Maria had in Puerto Rico. The leadership team also brought additional fuel supplies and consumer goods to the communities that lost everything after Hurricane Maria.

“Our drivers have connected with communities in Puerto Rico and let us know what they need most,” said Kenyon. “It’s difficult knowing that we couldn’t bring everything they needed on this trip, but we hope that we made their lives a little easier, even if it’s for a short time.”

Joining Simon and Kenyon was Senior Managing Partner at Simon Group Holdings Mike Evans, Founder and CEO of VESTA Modular Dan McMurtrie, and an additional Atlas maintenance technician. Atlas Oil’s maintenance technician will stay in Puerto Rico to ensure Atlas’ fleet remains in like-new condition throughout this prolonged deployment operation after driving through washed out and unmarked territory. VESTA Modular provides turnkey modular buildings and temporary housing that is fully furnished and will be providing its services in areas hit hardest by the 2017 hurricane season.

 Atlas Oil sent 22 trucks, an RV, and a transcube unit to Puerto Rico in late September as a Department of Defense subcontractor and to fulfill obligations to a contracted customer working on the island. Atlas’ team in Puerto Rico makes daily deliveries to hospitals, dialysis centers, local schools that feed children, and other mission-critical organizations.