In the spring of 2018, Atlas Oil Company announced the launch of its Chemical Transportation Division and has since, been committed to providing safe, reliable freight services to meet each customers’ diverse chemical transport needs. To further amplify this commitment, Atlas applied to become an American Chemistry Council (ACC) Responsible Care Partner and was recently notified of its acceptance into the program.

Responsible Care is the chemical industry’s global environmental, health, safety and security performance initiative. The ACC maintains a portfolio of over 100 global partners in industries directly affiliated with chemical handling, such as Bulk Motor Carriers, Equipment Suppliers, Rail Carriers and Warehouse Companies. To receive full acceptance into the program, companies must first receive certification from an independent, third-party auditor, verifying that they are compliant with all the ACC’s Responsible Care requirements. Through this process, partners have demonstrated an 84 percent reduction in environmental releases, and a worker safety record that is five times safer than the U.S. manufacturing sector.

As an ACC Responsible Care Partner, Atlas will work in tandem with other partners to share best practices, discuss common issues and promote responsible, safe and secure chemical handling to account for the whole chemical lifecycle.

Atlas will be responsible for upholding the following program elements:

• Endorsing the Responsible Care Guiding Principles
• Measuring and publicly reporting performance on an annual basis
• Implementing the Responsible Care Product Safety Code, Process Safety Code and Security Code within a firm time frame
• Implementing the Responsible Care Management System to achieve and verify results
• Obtaining independent certification that a management system is in place and functions according to professional specifications

“As a bulk logistics solution provider with over 30 years of experience, we’re already practicing a lot of these safety and sustainability standards,” said Jennifer Wilde, Director of Bulk Logistics. “Atlas will continue to uphold its commitment to eliminating risk, continuously improving our management systems and operating within the chemical industry as safely, securely, and ethically as we possibly can.”