This week is National Driver Appreciation Week. Did you even know that this designation existed? Probably not. And you are probably even less aware of the contributions drivers make to better our lives every day. In fact, the trucking industry is the lifeblood of the U.S. economy and without trucks and drivers America would stand still. Here are some incredible statistics from the American Trucking Association:

  • Nearly 70% of all the freight tonnage moved in the U.S. goes on trucks.
  • To move 9.2 billion tons of freight annually requires nearly 3 million heavy-duty Class 8 trucks and over 3 million truck drivers.
  • It takes over 37 billion gallons of diesel fuel to move all of that freight.

Atlas Oil Company employs nearly 200 drivers in various locations around the country. We are engaged in all areas of transportation, logistics and fueling, including bulk, fleet, event, onsite, emergency services and crude transloading. And we do this 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Our drivers are highly skilled and trained to be the best in the industry. They spend time in rigorous training and refresher courses, and our most senior drivers take the time to mentor new drivers to add to our bench strength. On time deliveries, friendly and courteous service and an uncompromising focus on safety add further value.

At Atlas we are very proud of our drivers – not only during this special week, but every day of the year. They are the lifeblood of Atlas and the reason we have so many satisfied customers.
Hats off to all of our drivers for everything that they do. Without our drivers we wouldn’t be in business.

You can show your appreciation for all drivers by being safe and respectful on the road alongside big rigs. They experience special challenges driving these big rigs and they deserve consideration on the road. In honor of drivers everywhere, let’s promote safety on the road. Join the conversation at #RespectTheRig.