The year was 1985. Windows 1.0 was released. The first artificial heart transplant occurred and the NES gaming system took the U.S. by storm. The movie Back to the Future made its debut. It was also during this epic year that Atlas Oil was formed.

How fitting that it is 30 years later and we are in the throes of experiencing a whole new future for our company! This old truck, worn and battle tested still sits in the back of the Home Office garage and reminds us of the world of potential that came from a dream, personal passion and a lot of hard work and determination.

Reflecting back on our company's growth, there are some significant milestones that mark the journey from that small one-truck enterprise to what we are today:


  • Atlas Oil Company purchases a pipeline terminal in Taylor, Michigan and acquires 12 million gallons of storage capacity. Atlas moves its sales and operation offices next door to form its headquarters.


  • Atlas Oil Company develops Fast Track brand and services its first gas station


  • Atlas Oil Company forms partnership with Seaway Fuels Trucking, headquartered in Toledo, Ohio
  • Atlas Oil Company now serves customers in Michigan and Ohio


  • Atlas Oil Company acquires 52 Clark Brand gas stations Atlas Oil Company and Fast Track Ventures create the WoW! Brand


Atlas Oil Company acquires Fisher Fuel


  • Atlas Oil Company partners with BP Products North America to acquire and supply 90 BP retail outlets in the Chicago, IL area, bringing Atlas' total BP station count to 113 in the Chicago land/Northwest Indiana region
  • Atlas Oil Company builds Atlas Park for the local Taylor, MI community


  • Atlas Oil Company opens its first transloading facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico


  • Atlas Emergency Fueling Solutions Assists with Superstorm Sandy


  • Atlas Combines Retail Business with Empire Petroleum
  • Atlas Oil fuels operations for two Grand Prix Events – Detroit, MI and Tampa, FL

2015 & Beyond

As we look ahead to our future, we have so many exciting developments on the horizon with our new Energy Platform. But no matter where our future takes us, it will require those same key pillars:
  • A Dream
  • Passion
  • Hard Work and Determination
Happy anniversary Atlas Family! Our Best Days are yet to come!