Meet the Atlas Leadership Team

Founder, Chairman & Owner

The Atlas foundation was built through hard work and surrounding myself with the best people. We develop leaders and create clear paths for them to be successful. We believe the most important factor in determining success in a business are the people behind it. Innovation excels in a collaborative environment where everyone is focused and committed on the same goal. Our technology is reshaping the energy industry and how we interact with customers through digital platforms. Our passion for innovation is unmatched and there is one thing that will never change at Atlas – our steadfast focus on customers. Our customers remain the highest priority in everything we do.

Robert Kenyon

Atlas operates with the same entrepreneurial mindset as it did during its founding in 1985. It’s our people that propel the business. We see opportunities that other companies don’t. And when we do, we move with speed and precision. We’re not afraid to take risks and leverage technology to improve the way we do business. Our innovative process and improvement-based culture has brought to market digital platforms, game-changing automated fueling capabilities and cloud based inventory management solutions that provide our customers with real-time access to their delivery information from any device. We will continue to engage our customers, grow through strategic relationships and deliver industry leading technology enhancements.

Joseph Rivera
Chief Financial Officer

I challenge my team to shift their focus from performing routine operational financial procedures to instead creating strategic value by leveraging technological advances and using digital tools to displace an established skill, reduce manual work, facilitate delegation and support the gathering of game-changing financial insights. Partnering a value-creation mindset with financial discipline creates a competitive advantage for Atlas. And as the gatekeeper of Atlas’ budget and investments, being able to provide real-time financial information empowers the company to understand what is happening, what is possible and how resources can best be employed to realize innovation that differentiates Atlas. Innovation is no longer a choice - - it’s an absolute necessity.

Mike DeVoe
Mike DeVoe
Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, my role is to continue to drive the passion, culture and execution that has defined Atlas Oil since 1985. Our goal as an organization is to bring unparalleled services and products to our customers. Year after year, Atlas continues to evolve by offering advanced technological and innovative solutions, while always keeping in mind why we are in business– our customer.

Michael Meredith
President of Frac and Rig Fueling

The Frac and Rig Fueling management team continuously asks questions and encourages feedback from front line teammates regarding where we should focus next. Our team is in direct contact with our customers and we pay close attention to the needs of their business. I can shape and mold those promising ideas into real possibilities that we can analyze for future growth. Only then do we layer in the latest technological ideas to build in customer and internal value.

Customer Focused
Solution Driven
Collaborative Innovation
Dan Clinton
Dan Clinton
Vice President of Business Transformation

To keep pace with our immense growth initiatives, alignment across all business verticals is critical. As Vice President of Business Transformation, my focus is to identify how to best integrate people, process, data and technology. Embracing lean concepts, leveraging technical solutions and always asking “why” allows us to innovate rapidly and seize market opportunity. As an industry leader in solution and service delivery, we are always looking for ways to improve our efficiencies to meet the everchanging needs of our customers.

Mark Kryska
Mark Kryska
Vice President of Technology

As technology evolves, Atlas remains on the forefront of creating cutting edge technological solutions for our both customers and internal teams. With the right team, potential problems become opportunities. At Atlas, we take full advantage of these opportunities to lead the industry and demand comprehensive and innovative solutions for our customers and team members alike.

Jeremy Whiddon
Jeremy Whiddon
Vice President of Business Development

I believe innovating is paramount to business development and growth. At Atlas, my team has introduced a diverse portfolio of innovative products like the Generator Assurance Plan® which guarantees fuel to mission critical companies and RIOS® a cloud based fuel management system for bulk fueling. I want our customers to view Atlas as a tech company first and a fuel company second.

Clint Werth
Clint Werth
Vice President of Supply and Logistics

It is vital in my role to adapt to ever-changing market conditions. We continuously look at new markets, pricing structures and risk management tools to bring innovative product offerings that are compelling to each customer. The product offer can be customized based on needs and location to match your business requirements.

Jake Leatherman
Jacob Leatherman
Vice President of Wholesale & Real Estate

Atlas takes a new approach to the Retail fuel supply business by driving superior customer service through technology via our brand new FuelNOW Network mobile application. Customers have all their account information right at their fingertips through any mobile device. We also develop creative ways to source and finance real estate deals for single or multi-station transactions. We strive to find innovative ways to get the deal done.

Rick Shock
Rick Shock
Vice President of FAS & Fleet Services

An inventor by trade, I have over 35 years of experience in engineering, design and fleet management. With the support of my team, we design and construct each individual Fuel Automation Station (FAS) unit by hand for optimal quality control. We continue to push the boundaries of engineering with each additional unit, adding new technology enhancements derived from customer feedback. Our FAS received its first U.S. Patent in March of 2017.

Suzi Anis
Suzi Anis
Vice President of Business Intelligence & Financial Planning

In the age of information, business intelligence is crucial and has the power to propel a business forward. Analyzing and leveraging data allows us to enhance business operations in every SBU throughout the company while continuously improving the customer experience. In my role as Vice President of Business Intelligence and Financial Planning, my mission is to look after the financial best interests of the organization while consistently seeking out opportunities to improve our strategic management processes.

Pride & Image
Do The Right Thing
Ray Belloli
Director of Operations

Our customers expect their fuel to be delivered on time and safely. We go the extra mile to ensure the fuel and logistics procurement process is as smooth as possible. Our transportation team has invested in proven third-party logistics technology and driver mobility applications that revolutionize the order and delivery process. In return we are more efficient in our operations creating added cost savings for our customers.

Tom Jones
Vice President of Transportation

At Atlas Oil, I strive to foster a culture where safe service and trust are paramount. We are able to provide best in class bulk transportation services by investing in our team, state of the art equipment and technological innovations that improve safety, speed to market, and overall profitability. Our mission is to hire, retain, and promote the best drivers, technicians, and leadership in the industry, making Atlas Oil the preferred place to work—and the safest on the road.

Gerry King
Vice President of EHS, Risk & HR

My approach is to generate common focus within all levels of the company through coaching, team building and integrating EH&S into every aspect of the business, including the Strategic Plan. Our Atlas EH&S Excellence Program is known as FOCUS- Face of the Company United in Safety…recognizing that every employee represents Atlas Oil to our customers, and we all must work together and be united in our safety efforts. This approach has helped transform Atlas to a robust EH&S excellence culture. EH&S activities not only protect our employees and assets; they are also business tools used to improve efficiency, morale and productivity while at the same time reducing costs and downtime.

Dawn Thomson
Director of Human Resources

We recognize people are our greatest asset. Atlas' collaborative culture characterized by strong relationships, communication and cooperation through all levels of the organization. The innovative approach we bring to Human Resources and Benefits management enables us to be the employer of choice for the oil industry. "Be Atlas Awesome" isn't just something we say, it is something we are!

Diana Cook
Director of Back Office & Tax

Atlas' role as an energy leader means it is our job to ensure that each customer's unique requirements and preferences are met head on with an unparalleled attention to detail. Our innovative solutions and strong customer focus create a culture where customer relationships are quickly turned into partnerships designed for shared success.

Jeff Hunter
Director of Marketing

As our business model shifts, I have the amazing opportunity to take our technology to market through the various marketing channels. At Atlas, we create innovative delivery platforms specific to the industries we service. We listen to the individual needs of our customers, providing them with technology enhancements that drive new efficiencies into their business. We’re continuously looking at new technology and strategic partnerships that add value and solve customer pain points.

John Ortoleva
Assistant General Counsel

Each member of Atlas’ Legal Department is committed to partnering with Atlas’ business teams and providing them with proactive legal services for the purpose of minimizing risk and enhancing profitability. While maintaining the highest ethical standards, we seek opportunities for value creation by offering exceptional legal advice and counseling that facilitates, rather than hinders, the attainment of Atlas’ business objectives. Creativity, innovation and a willingness to embrace new ideas and challenges guide our every action.