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    Got Construction? We can fuel YOU!

    Construction managers know fuel is one of the most crucial components of every project, and often the most complicated and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.

    To learn more about different techniques to mitigate risk and efficiently manage fuel costs, read this recent Construction Today article by Atlas Oil’s VP of Commercial Sales Chad Wenzel ...more details
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    Meet ATLAS the K9

    With Atlas Oil's support, the Taylor Police Department secured Atlas, an 18-month-old German Shepherd, in the spring. After 12 weeks of certification with handler and Officer Rick Barnosky, Atlas is serving regular shifts as the newest member of the Taylor Police Department. ...more details
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    Customer Focus

    At Atlas, we know the importance of ongoing training. Whether it is taking employees to the local Marathon Refinery to learn more about fuel operations (pictured here), having new hires spend time with our drivers on the job or mentoring with other team members, we make it happen! ...more details
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    OUT OF POWER? We can help...

    Atlas specializes in emergency fueling. Mission critical businesses like hospitals, data centers and first responders count on Atlas to manage their emergency fuel supply and get their generators fueled quickly to keep them in business during power outages and other disasters. Let Atlas be your emergency fueling solution. ...more details
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The ATLAS Advantage

24/7/365 Live Operations & Logistics

Atlas Oil Company has been serving nearly half of the continental U.S. with its fuel transportation needs for more than a quarter century. From Fortune 500 businesses to nearly 400 retail gas stations, Atlas delivers.

We are also helping to fuel the country’s fast growing crude oil business by fueling drill site equipment as well as transloading crude onto railcars for transportation throughout the U.S. Atlas Oil’s Emergency Fueling Solutions business delivers fuel when you need it most. Our generator and fleet assurance programs ensure you stay up and running no matter what natural disaster occurs. With around the clock operations, Atlas has the flexibility to meet your fuel needs anytime, anywhere.

Fuel Up Blog

My final days as an intern at Atlas

Megan talks about what she learned in her time with Atlas Oil Company.

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