Fuel Management System

Using our RioS fuel management system technology is simple. RioS fuel management software installs quickly on any size bulk fuel tank to track, control, and secure every gallon you pump into your fleet of trucks and equipment. Utilize our cloud-based fuel management software to monitor your inventory with total control over the quantities and times your drivers can fuel. Have instant access to your transaction history and run intuitive custom reports all for a fraction of what you would pay for traditional fuel management systems.

Top Features of Our Fuel Management System Includes

  • Simple to use software
  • Quick install on bulk fuel tank
  • Works with any size bulk fuel tank
  • Tracks fuel usage
  • Controls fuel usage
  • Secures fuel usage
  • Cloud-based software to monitor inventory
  • Instant access to transaction history and reporting
  • Fraction of what you pay for traditional fuel management system

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Remote iTank Monitors

Take the worry out of your fuel order process with Atlas' wireless tank technology. All tank information is available real-time via a secure web site from any computer or mobile device– so you can monitor your usage and deliveries. Fuel smarter with our online customer portal providing customized reporting and dashboard capabilities.

Our keep-fill programs allow us to make deliveries when you need them and identify usage pattern changes before they affect your operation. Learn more about how this digital technology can improve your operational efficiencies and eliminate run-outs and emergency deliveries.