The USDA Estimates Yearly Food Recall Costs to be as High as $37 Billion

Clarion Family of Lubricants Atlas has partnered with CITGO to offer its customers Clarion branded Lubricants, a premium line of food grade and environmentally friendly lubricant products. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in lubricant sales and we understand the problems companies face in the food and beverage industry.

Atlas provides a collaborative and consultative approach to ensure our customers are in compliance by using the appropriate products in environmentally sensitive areas. Necessary equipment maintenance can reduce lubricant leakage to a minimum; however, it is not uncommon in this industry. That said, it is critical to have rated food grade or “green” lubricants to use in these situations.

Atlas also offers synthetics that can help increase the longevity of your equipment and environmentally friendly lubricants that are inherently biodegradable, non-toxic to various aquatic and marine species, and are non-bio accumulative.

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Clarion Food Grade Lubricants meet the most stringent standards of purity and performance and can be categorized into two groups:

  • NSF 3H registered products used for applications where the purity of the oil is paramount due to the possibility of direct contact with food for human consumption.
  • NSF H-1 registered products used for processing and packaging machinery where the possibility of incidental contact with food product exists.

Atlas offers various packaged and bulk solutions with proven 99.9% on-time delivery. We have also implemented contactless delivery standards across our operations. During these challenging times, our team is available to conduct a virtual site analysis of your operations. Call today - 800.878.2000!

Clarion Lubricants - Food Processing Facilities

Food Safety Solutions: Putting Clarion Lubricants to Work for You

Our premium line of Food Grade Lubricants includes products like white mineral oils, hydraulic fluids, greases, synthetic and specialty lubricants.