Diesel Additive Packages

What are you doing to combat the increased costs of repair and maintenance of your diesel fleet? Fuel corrosion is becoming more of an issue for vehicle manufacturers and motor fuel end users. Corrosive fuel can lead to filter plugging and equipment failure as injectors become clogged with deposits from fuel as it naturally degrades. Atlas provides seasonal and annual diesel additive programs that are lab tested and proven in the field. Our diesel additives are specifically formulated for the specific seasonal changes throughout the different regions of the country.

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Platinum Power® is our world class diesel additive that improves cold weather operability.

Value-Added Features
Why It's Important
Platinum Power® Advantage

Cold Flow

Cold weather can adversely
affect diesel causing flow
and fuel filter plugging

Wax modifiers and jet fuel
de-icers reduce cold filter
plugging points (CFPP) up to
25° F to ensure cold weather


Cetane is a key measure of
diesel fuel combustibility

Cetane improvements of 1-3
points enhance cold starting
and improve engine

L-10 Superior
Detergent Package

Detergents remove and
prevent harmful deposits that
form on fuel injectors.

Clean injectors enhance
engine life, improve fuel
economy and reduce
harmful emissions!


Exposure to elements
causes chemical changes in
diesel that can severely
reduce fuel quality.

Anti-oxidants protect fuel
from thermal and oxidative
breakdown while in storage!


Condensation and water
build-up in storage tanks can
cause major fuel and engine

Water is safely removed
from fuel to inhibit bacteria
growth, corrosion and

EcoClean® is our world class diesel additive that improves overall fuel and engine performance.

EcoClean© provides the following benefits:

  • Cleans and prevents injector deposits
  • Prevents formation of black soot/sludge
  • Prevents premature filter plugging
  • Provides thermal and oxidative stability
  • Improves and maintains fuel economy
  • Improves and maintains horsepower
  • Reduces harmful exhaust emissions
  • Improves lubricity
  • For Use in all diesel engines
  • Also effective in Bxx blend up to B20
  • Contains DriTek moisture control chemistry
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Increases cetane up to 6 numbers