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Atlas’ Supply Division is located in Houston, TX.

Houston has long been regarded as the oil capital of the United States and having our Supply Team in this market provides access to the primary decision makers in the fuel industry.

We move critical products that propel your business forward every day. As one of the largest diesel, gasoline, and DEF providers in the country, Atlas knows that safe and on-time delivery is fundamental. We also know that innovation through connected delivery networks and real-time information platforms from drivers to customers is changing the way we do business for the better. All the while, fuel quality remains paramount, and we are leveraging the newest additives and fuel polishing technologies to ensure up-time and reduced maintenance costs.

Atlas Provides Products That Keep You Moving

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

More diesel equipment is using DEF, and your ability to efficiently store and pump it into your fleet is more important than ever.

DEF Supply and Dispensing Equipment
Diesel Additives

The combination of today’s fuel refining process and modern emission controls on vehicles presents problems that only truly superior additive packages can tackle.

Annual Additive Programs
Above Ground Tanks

Today’s above ground tanks and pumps can be fully integrated into cloud-based fuel management systems that operate via smartphones and tablets at a fraction of yesterday’s costs.

Secure On-site Fuel Storage
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