Fuel Automation Station

Atlas Oil has created a unique automated fuel management system called the Fuel Automation Station™ to solve a variety of safety and efficiency issues for the oil field services industry.

This sophisticated fuel automation system is a mobile, plug-and-play fuel delivery system which is self-contained and equipped with up to an unprecedented 28 hoses for simultaneous multiple fueling jobs. It has the ability to monitor and track fuel usage for each piece of equipment using our guided wave radar technology. The Fuel Automation Station™ provides consistent, high-quality fuel supply while protecting workers and eliminating downtime on the oil field during hot fueling operations.

An expert automated fuel management system includes the following

  • Mobile plug-and-play fuel apparatus that is self-contained
  • Up to 28 hoses for simultaneous multiple fueling jobs
  • Ability to monitor and track fuel usage
  • Uses guided wave radar technology
  • Provides consistent, high quality fuel supply
  • Enhanced safety that protects workers
  • Eliminates downtime during hot fueling operations

Improve Safety and Efficiency With Our Automated Fueling Solution

With Atlas’ Fuel Automation Station™, enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a state-of-the-art automated fuel management system.

  • Ability to move fuel personnel out of the “red zone”, increasing on-site safety.
  • Extremely accurate reporting
  • Hose quantities and lengths based on the specific needs of your oil field
  • Eliminate downtime on the oil field

Real-Time Data Insights Into Your Fueling Operations

A cloud-based platform allows FAS customers to remotely monitor fuel operations. Thousands of data points per second – more than 500,000 readings per day – are monitored. The data is captured and “packaged” into intelligent dashboards, providing customers extensive insight, even on mobile devices for real-time sensing and analytic capability. This powerful tool provides predictive maintenance awareness including tank monitoring, fuel use measurement, and system diagnostics to identify equipment engine problems.

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Safe Reliable Solution

"The Automated Fuel Station that Atlas Oil provides to our operations has provided us with a more reliable fueling solution as well as a safer environment for workers on site. Noble was most excited to utilize the hot fueling solution, because it moved fuel personnel out of the red zone surrounding frac pumps and moved them into a safe location away from frac operations. We’ve met with multiple vendors with hot fueling solutions, but only Atlas has been able to provide the quantity or lengths of hoses, quality of support and the reporting accuracy that Noble requires. All of these benefits are offered at competitive pricing."

Noble Energy ,

FAS at Work

See our first FAS unit in action as you learn more about the operational efficiencies gained for your Frac site.