Residential, Commercial & Agricultural Fuel Oil Delivery

Atlas Fuel Services proudly distributes home heating fuel oil to residential homes and commercial businesses throughout Southeastern Michigan. Our courteous and friendly drivers are experienced and knowledgeable at filling residential heating oil tanks.

In the heating oil business, you can’t afford to be without fuel to heat your home or business and that’s why Atlas Fuel Services provides you with the largest fleet to meet your demands. As a consumer, you can have confidence that you are getting great service at a fair price. We offer a number of programs that can help you manage your heating oil needs. Atlas Fuel Services also offers emergency fuel deliveries 24/7/365!

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Budget Books

With approved credit, you can be set-up to pay in increments based off your previous year usage. This is a popular way for customers to budget their fuel oil expenses.

"Keep Fill" Program

No more worries about running out of home heating oil on a cold winter's night. Atlas Fuel Services can set you up to receive deliveries on a regular basis. Our fuel management system tracks consumption patterns to schedule deliveries without interruption. This program eliminates the need for you to track your fuel oil consumption.