On-site and Mobile Fueling

Atlas’ on-site and mobile fueling fleet offers a wide variety of direct fuel delivery solutions. You tell us where and when to deliver and our trucks will pump fuel directly into your fleet, equipment, or bulk tanks. Our experienced team utilizes our industry-leading technology, safest-in-class fleet, and diverse geographic footprint to seamlessly and precisely fulfill all our customers' commercial fueling needs. Our drivers utilize truck-to-office technology to track delivered fuel quantities. This software allows for custom fuel reporting and hassle free accounting and data management. We give you access to real-time data intelligence, driving new efficiencies into your operations. Whether you’re looking for direct fleet fueling services to eliminate time and wasted labor hours fueling your equipment or centralized on-site supply tanks at your facility, Atlas will deliver when it’s most convenient for you. Night or day, our 24/7/365 logistics team optimizes routes to eliminate run-outs.

Above Ground Tanks

Atlas provides on-site storage tanks for easy fuel access right at your own facility. Increase productivity by reducing downtime and fuel spent driving to and from gas stations. Closely monitor fuel usage for each driver and asset with our cloud based inventory management technology.

  • 500 and 1,000 gallon fuel tanks available for immediate delivery
  • Pumps, nozzles, hoses, and optional wireless monitors and fuel management technology
  • All tanks are double-walled UL 142 listed to meet or exceed government regulations
  • Highly qualified drivers follow rigorous protocols to ensure safe product handling and delivery
  • Potential tax savings for off road fuels

API certified DEF supply and dispensing equipment including pumps, nozzles and hoses, and commercial and retail bulk storage systems.

The Importance of a Winter Fuel Additive

In cold climates diesel fuel can be susceptible to gelling. Paraffin wax, present in all diesel, improves lubricity and viscosity. But when temperatures drop, the wax will begin to thicken and form into a crystal-like state. Atlas provides a premium diesel additive program to improve performance in the winter months.
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