TAYLOR, Mich. Oct. 20, 2015 - VESTA Housing Solutions, LLC, a premier provider of temporary and permanent worker housing, has entered an agreement to provide housing for employees of its sister company Atlas Oil Company (“Atlas”). Atlas is a major national fuel distribution and logistics provider under common ownership with VESTA and it has secured a pivotal new crude hauling contract in the West Texas region.

"When we formed VESTA, it was in the hope that a housing company would dovetail well with Atlas' fuel logistics business, and that has proven to be the case," said Sam Simon, Chairman and founder of Atlas and co-founder of VESTA. "Because VESTA was able to quickly identify housing for our driver teams at a reasonable rate, we were able to competitively bid and secure the contract," said Simon.

The VESTA team focuses on providing turnkey housing solutions for customers wherever their business may lead. "We are very excited to be working with our sister company and believe this is the precise type of situation where the right housing solution is the key to the customer winning the work," said VESTA CEO Dan McMurtrie. The VESTA team is currently working on projects from Alaska to Louisiana and many locations in between.

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VESTA Housing Solutions, LLC ("VESTA") offers upscale work-force housing solutions to customers seeking premium accommodations for their workers. VESTA offers turnkey, short and long-term housing options with an emphasis on quality, comfort and safety for customers in regions with a shortage of workforce housing, particularly within the emerging energy sector. The Company offers leasing, financing and purchase options to meet customer's specialized needs. Whether you have a short term need, or are about to undertake a large scale infrastructure initiative, consider allowing VESTA's team to plan your project from land development through daily operation.

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