Taylor, Mich. March 18, 2019 – Atlas Oil Company expands on its integrated StormProof campaign at Data Center World 2019, ensuring companies are prepared for the fuel supply challenges that arise from unexpected power outages.

“Mission critical businesses across the nation have been hit with immense emergency fueling challenges this past year,” said Director of Emergency Services Jayme Oyen. “According to Eaton’s 2018 Blackout Tracker annual report, 18 percent of companies experienced a loss of more than $100,000 as a result of their worst outage. Atlas is dedicated to eliminating these risks by equipping customers with the resources, technical solutions and dedicated team to ensure 100 percent uptime, no matter the scenario.”

With the wide-spread power outages customers are facing, Atlas recognizes an increased demand for new and innovative solutions, and is developing a Fuel Automation Station (FAS) prototype that caters to the emergency services sector of the business. Currently being utilized in Atlas’ Frac division, each FAS unit contains unique automated fuel delivery and management technology that distributes consistent high-quality fuel supply to up to 28 individual tanks at one time.

“We’re constantly looking for new ways to leverage innovative solutions across all business verticals,” said Oyen. “This upgraded FAS unit is perfect for data centers and other mission critical customers looking for an efficient, safe, and tech savvy solution for fueling generators and vehicles during power outages.”

As part of its ongoing StormProof campaign, Atlas continues to offer Fuel Assurance Plans which guarantee fuel to contracted customers in the wake of a power outage, natural disaster or other unplanned emergency. Developed with each customers’ diverse needs in mind, the plans are customizable with an always-guaranteed priority response time, emergency fuel allocation and on-demand fleet.

Recognizing that an effective business continuity plan includes tank upkeep and fuel quality control, Atlas has partnered with Diesel Fuel Doctor to provide Gen360 plans. Tailored to each customers’ specific needs, Gen360 plans offer a wide-variety of tank and maintenance solutions including fuel polishing, water removal, top-tier diesel additives and annual fuel testing.

“Tank and generator upkeep often go overlooked but are incredibly important,” said President of Diesel Fuel Doctor Torre Miller. “A well-maintained tank in combination with an effective StormProof plan can make all the difference in an emergency scenario, preventing revenue loss in the long-run.”