Fuel Services for the Hospitality and Property Management Industry

Every so often buildings will experience power failures, and the threat of regional blackouts are increasing. Hotels, property managers, and others in the service industry face the moment of truth every day. The interactions you have with your customers can create lifelong advocates or leave permanent negative impressions.

While generators are an essential backup power solution, assuming you are covered just because your facility has a generator backup system is unwise. Generators fail. Fuel runs out. And, even if backup power systems are present and operational, your generator may not have enough fuel or capacity to keep everything up and running.

Creating an effective business continuity plan is a necessary step in preserving your reputation. Atlas Oil’s emergency fueling program guarantees uninterrupted fuel supply for your business or property. Our team has the infrastructure, experience and resource availability to get your fuel to you in even the most significant and sustained emergency situation.

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