If you were to walk into any of our facilities, view the interior of any truck in our fleet, or view one of our fuel tanks on a jobsite, you would notice some common elements. Each would be clean, clearly branded, and professional-looking. This is because first impressions matter. Our brand is more than just our logo; it is the living embodiment of Atlas and its values. Taking pride in our image means appropriately respecting the brand.

Our brand standards on display in the interior of one of our trucks.

Occupying its own wing at the back of our Taylor office is The Swag Shop. Floor-to ceiling shelves and clothing racks are adorned with branded Atlas apparel. Employees looking to purchase items have them payroll deducted. The Swag Shop gives a professional and unified look to the organization, and clients frequently ask for swag of their own during visits to our Innovation Center.

An A-Team member shopping for new apparel in the Swag Shop

On a jobsite, a freshly placed Atlas tank will have had two coats of the eye-catching, orange paint seen in our logo, along with high-quality, vinyl stickers. On-site tanks are at the mercy of the elements, so it doesn’t take long for even the newest ones to get weathered. Since the products we deliver to our customers are just as representative of our brand as our living, breathing team members, we frequently repaint and re-sticker tanks that have faded over time.

Pride and Image means our tanks are frequently given fresh paint and stickers.

Every employee of Atlas Oil is an extension of the company, from the CEO to the drivers that make the deliveries. Atlas Oil takes pride in every step of the operation, along with the people that make it happen.