Make Your Emergency Plan Today!

September is National Preparedness Month (NPM), reminding us all to take action and prepare for the different types of emergencies that can happen with little or no warning. Launched in 2003, the Ready Campaign serves as a platform to build awareness around NPM encouraging families, communities and businesses to develop an emergency communications plan to better understand the risks that affect where they live and work and how to appropriately respond.

Atlas Oil specializes in business continuity planning for mission critical facilities around the country. The Emergency Fuel Solutions Team helps businesses recognize potential threats that could disrupt their operations and solutions to proactively address them. Upfront preparation and training can ensure your entire team knows exactly what to do and who to call if faced with an emergency or blackout.

A business continuity plan sounds daunting and intimidating! It really shouldn't be if you keep it simple to start. Bound into action by doing these three things:

  1. Make a list of contact names and cell numbers for each of your critical vendors. For trucking fleets this list may include your mechanic or 24/7 repair shop, a towing vendor, and fuel supplier. For datacenters, you would want a list of vendors related to your UPS, generator, electrical company, and fuel supplier.
  2. Publish an emergency contact number(s) on your website so customers know how they can reach you in event of an emergency. Alternatively, send your customers an email or letter with key emergency contact names and numbers.
  3. Make sure your own employees know the "emergency chain of command" in your organization. For some companies this might be the CEO, CFO or President. Maybe it's your operations, facilities, or safety director. Don't assume everyone knows who is in charge when an emergency happens. Talk about it and publish an email at the very least to communicate to your team.

For more information on how Atlas Oil's Emergency Fuel Solutions can help your business minimize operational downtime and maximize efficiency, contact us at 800.878.2000.