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UPDATE: 10.6.16 - Atlas Oil is deploying our National Emergency Fueling Response Team to the southeastern United States coastline in response to Hurricane Matthew. Predictions show Matthew could make landfall in Florida early Friday as a Category 4 hurricane and has the potential to reach Southeast Georgia and the Eastern Carolinas over the weekend. This is the largest mandatory evacuation in the United States since Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

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ALERT!!! 10.3.16
Atlas Oil is currently monitoring Hurricane Matthew's path towards the US. Call Today for Emergency Fueling Services -

When you need fuel supply and you need it delivered rapidly, that’s Emergency Fueling. Atlas specializes in emergency fueling. Companies, hospitals, and first responders all trust Atlas to manage their emergency fuel supply and get fuel delivered to them quickly when it’s needed during power outages and other disasters.
Business Continuity Threats - Managing Risks

The Atlas Approach
We consult with you to review the various threats that can impact your ability to remain in business. Atlas believes that emergency fueling is done best when it’s strategically planned in advance of the storm. We conduct in-depth needs assessments – often times with customers who have dozens of facilities across multiple states – in order to develop customized emergency fueling solutions that are cost effective and battle tested.

For more details on Emergency Fuel Solutions see:

Generator Assurance Plan (GAP) Emergency Fuel Solutions for Mission Critical Sites
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Atlas Oil Company was formed in 1985 when Sam Simon purchased his first fuel truck using a $30,000 credit card cash advance. With this truck, he was able to provide wholesale delivery of gasoline and diesel fuel to his customers on a 24-hour basis. Thus, Atlas Oil Company was born.


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