ATLAS Oil Company

On-Site Fueling

Refrigerated Storage Refueling

Food retailers, suppliers and producers rely on refrigerated (reefer) trucks to ensure food quality and effective product delivery. Throughout the year, temperature-controlled trucks and trailers are needed to keep perishable products fresh before, during and after transit. For the food industry, keeping these trailers running without interruption is mission critical.

Atlas Oil specializes in reefer truck deliveries. From trailers with frozen turkeys before Thanksgiving to holiday hams, dairy products, frozen pies or fresh flowers, Atlas manages the entire fuel supply chain for the nation’s top superstore retailers. Atlas will incorporate multiple elements like on-site fueling, generator fueling, fleet fueling and even portable fuel skid tanks to ensure maximum efficiency and operability for our customers.

Services and Benefits
  • National footprint for refrigerated storage refueling
  • Experience fueling hundreds of reefers on a daily basis
  • Automated keep fills for peace of mind
  • 24/7/365 emergency fueling capabilities


Atlas Oil has been named 2012 Safest-in-Class by the Michigan Trucking Association (MTA). The Company logged 5.4 million miles in the State of Michigan during 2012 with a .37 accident rate to secure the top honors.


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