ATLAS Oil Company

On-Site Fueling

Fleet Fueling

Let Atlas put your employees in the driver’s seat with fleet fueling. You tell us where and when to deliver and our trucks will pump fuel directly into your equipment, so you don’t have to.

Cost Effective
  • Eliminate time and wasted labor hours fueling equipment
  • No need to purchase or install fuel tanks or equipment
24/7/365 Logistics
  • Fueling is done when it’s most convenient for you, night or day
  • Optimizes work schedules and reduces possible run-outs
Truck-to-Office Technology
  • Custom fuel reports make accounting and data management hassle free
  • Track fuel usage and expenses for each individual truck or piece of equipment
World Class Safety
  • Highly qualified drivers follow rigorous protocols to ensure safe product handling and delivery
  • Eliminates safety concerns and restrictions associated with on-site tanks

Ask an Atlas representative to run a customized fleet fueling cost calculation to evaluate your opportunity for savings!


Atlas Oil's home office is protected by a 750 kilowatt generator that can power the entire facility. During blackouts, Atlas can provide vital fuel requirements for emergency services, such as hospital generators, police, fire, and other emergency vehicles when fuel availability is low.


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