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Creating Crude Logistical Capacity to Grow Domestic Production
With the oil patch investing significant amounts of capital into drilling for domestic crude and condensates, and pipeline capacity still years away from reality, there was a need for a complete and cost-effective transportation solution. Transloading via railcar has emerged as the ideal solution.

As a significant provider of refined products, transportation and distribution, Atlas has evolved its core competencies to include crude and condensate gathering and transloading. You can rely on Atlas Oil as a strong link in your logistical chain. Atlas Oil’s flexible business model for crude transloading and transportation allows us to go anywhere, servicing any railroad. In fact, we can have your crude transloading process up and running in a matter of just 6-8 weeks.

Atlas has three transloading sites at the present time in Albuquerque, NM,
La Feria, TX, and our newest site at Monahans, TX. Our Monahans site is dedicated to crude, while the other sites were built to handle multiple commodities in addition to crude, such as ethanol and biodiesel. Partner with Atlas and harness the opportunity to bring your crude and other commodities to underserved markets intact and on-time!

Transloading Services
  • Expert Site Identification & Development
  • Value-Added Purchasing
  • Smart Data Management & Tracking
  • Advanced Transload Terminal Automation
  • Efficient Loading & Delivery

Ethanol Transloading Process
Ethanol Transloading Process
Crude Transloading Process
Crude Transloading Process


Atlas Oil's home office is protected by a 750 kilowatt generator that can power the entire facility. During blackouts, Atlas can provide vital fuel requirements for emergency services, such as hospital generators, police, fire, and other emergency vehicles when fuel availability is low.


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