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What's DEF?

Why Now?
The Environmental Protection Agency, OEMs, and many trucking fleets have committed themselves to a cleaner environment by reducing NOx emissions. To reduce NOx emissions, most new trucks will be equipped with a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system. The SCR technology requires the use of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF).

This EPA mandate is not limited to on-road applications. By 2017 all C1 marine, C3 ocean going vessels, locomotives, large C2 marine equipment, and off-road equipment will all require diesel exhaust fluid.

SCR System
How It Works
DEF is carried onboard SCR-equipped vehicles in specially designed tanks and is dosed into the SCR system at a rate equivalent to 2-5% of diesel consumption. This low dosing rate ensures long refill periods, and the use of DEF helps improve fuel economy allowing fleets to realize a reduction in overall operating costs.

DEF is stored in a dedicated tank next to the fuel tank on the driver's side. The DEF tank fill opening is designed to accommodate a DEF fill nozzle to ensure only DEF is put into the tank.

Committed To Quality
API Certified SCR systems are sensitive to potential chemical impurities in the urea solution. Therefore, it is essential to maintain high standards of diesel exhaust fluid quality and ISO standard 22241-1 is in place to insure fluid quality. BlueDEF® meets ISO standards and is an American Petroleum Institute (API) certified diesel exhaust fluid. These are the highest quality and safety standards in place, which ensures optimum SCR performance. For more information on API certification, please visit

Storage temperature between 40F and 80F is recommended to maintain shelf life. Storage temperature above 12F is recommended to avoid crystallization, which starts at 11F. Prolonged storage above 86F will cause hydrolysis to occur, with the consequent formation of ammonia and pressure rise, and will reduce shelf life.

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How Much DEF Do You Need?

You will need:
Gallons of DEF annually

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Atlas Oil Company was formed in 1985 when Sam Simon purchased his first fuel truck using a $30,000 credit card cash advance. With this truck, he was able to provide wholesale delivery of gasoline and diesel fuel to his customers on a 24-hour basis. Thus, Atlas Oil Company was born.


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