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Risk Management

The Volatility Challenge
Fuel price volatility is dominating today's petroleum markets. Intraday price variations used to be measured in fractions of a penny – but now it's not unusual for a 10 cent per gallon change within hours. The impact on your business can be financially troublesome. Every penny increase in the price of gas and diesel translates into millions of extra dollars spent by trucking, construction, and a myriad of other industries.

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The Value of a Managed Fuel Portfolio
Your financial success could hinge upon how well you manage your fuel costs. Yet, if you are like most companies, you don't have a plan or method for purchasing fuel. Atlas can help. We build fuel plans around a balanced fuel portfolio approach. Much like any successful 401k or IRA plan, we can help you strategically determine your fuel purchasing plan.


Atlas Oil's home office is protected by a 750 kilowatt generator that can power the entire facility. During blackouts, Atlas can provide vital fuel requirements for emergency services, such as hospital generators, police, fire, and other emergency vehicles when fuel availability is low.


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