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Atlas Oil Company prides itself on exceptional customer service. One of the key components of our service is a highly trained and dedicated driving team -- the Atlas SEALs. These drivers are highly skilled and trained to be the best in the industry. Not only do these drivers spend time in rigorous training and refresher courses, they also take the time to mentor new drivers to add to our bench strength. On time deliveries, friendly and courteous service and an uncompromising focus on safety add further value.

Partnering with Atlas for your transportation needs can help give your business a competitive edge. Call us today to put Atlas in the driver’s seat!

High Standards
  • Best of the best with years of experience
  • Extensive equipment and fuel knowledge
  • Outstanding safety compliance

  • Mentor and trainer for all drivers
  • Complete a 240 hour program for new drivers along with a 12 hour re-certification annually for each individual driver
  • Provide ride along training for all new Atlas employees

Extensively Trained
  • All SEALs complete thorough initial training
  • Participate in a two-day training session every four months
  • Best in class training manual with topics that include:
  •     - How to use visual, audio, and hands-on training techniques
        - Teaching your peers
        - Effective communication skills
        - Improving managerial effectiveness
        - Becoming a resourceful team leader
        - Focusing on customer needs


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